Other Medical Directories

Medline Plus

Outlines key articles regarding medical informaition such as testing, certain symptoms and their causes. Surgeries injuries as well as diseases.



Although wikiedia is user generated content it is still a great informaition hub for medical informaition. All informaition should be cross referenced with other sources.


American Medical Associaition


For informaition on medical ethics, standards, insurance. A resource for physicians, medical students, and patients. American medical news, licence informaition and archives.


American Veterinary Medical Associaition


The AMVA website is a resource for vetrinary professionals, pet owners, animal lovers and anyone with an interest in animal health care.


Hardvard Medical School


About Hardvardf Medical School, the educaition they provide, the research they conduct, news on the health care industry, how HMS gives back and general health informaition.



X Ray Toronto


The Toronto Center for Medical Imaging. A state of the art X-ray center specalizing in many procedures related to x-ray and screening. Located in downtown Toronto Ontario.


Medicine Related Sites